The System

BuoGra power plant conceptual rendering

About the System

For the first time ever, creating more profit at the power companies will create a cleaner environment.

BuoGra is a Natural Forces Apparatus developed with the vision of eliminating coal power plants by the year 2029 and providing a better alternative to the power industry than natural gas. BuoGra is scheduled to be an abrupt catalyst to this endeavor. BuoGra will have more electrical output than any other power creation method with the lowest build cost, least land use, no consumables that pollute our environment, and the least site restrictions. BuoGra achieves this by using only the natural forces of Buoyancy and Gravity to create energy. Power companies will choose BuoGra over their current power creation methods in order to be more profitable yet stay environmentally-friendly.

BuoGra Building

BuoGra power plant conceptual rendering

By using heavy buoyant objects (weighing more than 1 ton) descending through a gravity chamber, massive amounts of kinetic energy are created. The kinetic energy is used to rotate large electrical generators. After the gravity chamber, the buoyant objects roll down through multiple air-tight doors before entering the buoyancy chamber and ascending to its starting position to start the cycle again. Through the apparatus, there are three to four one-ton buoyant objects in the gravity chamber simultaneously creating between 1,485,000 and 1,980,000 newton meters of energy. This enormous amount of energy is created with only the active forces of Buoyancy & Gravity -BuoGra.

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