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Our creator, Kalex, is operated by some of the most ingenious and forward-thinking people in the world. With a passionate understanding of the world’s most significant issues like air and water pollution, everyone at Kalex got to work tackling some of the world’s vital issues.

According to data collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), 1,928,401,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide, 1,807,000 metric tons of Sulfur Dioxide, and 1,630,000 metric tons of Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide were produced and pumped into the air by coal-fired power plants in the year 2016. These shocking statistics inspired Kalex executives along with the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Christopher Filloramo, to make a change.

BuoGra was imagined, designed, and patented to be a transformational energy creation device. BuoGra harnesses natural forces while eliminating the many catastrophic health and environmental consequences of current electricity generation methods.

Kalex Innovations has done its part to bring this technology to life. Now it is your turn to show your support and help further our mission towards the sustainable energy movement and ensure a pollution free environment for current and future generations.

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BuoGra is mother natures’ technology, which powers the planets green valleys. We are actively searching for strong partners and sponsors to help BuoGra become the future of green energy generation. Click below to learn how you can support BuoGra R&D.


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