How It Works

BuoGra power plant conceptual rendering

How the System Works

The genius of BuoGra’s patented system is the simplicity of it. The natural forces of gravity and buoyancy have each been used by others to produce certain desired outcomes that may or may not have generated power. But no one has employed the two forces to create a viable energy producing system like BuoGra.

Through the forces of buoyancy and gravity, the apparatus converts gravitational potential energy from falling heavy buoyant objects into mechanical energy that continually rotates shafts within generators to produce electricity.

A number of heavy buoyant objects (HBOs) cycle through the apparatus simultaneously. Each HBO in the apparatus weighs over 2,000 lbs and produces over 495,000 Nm of gravitational potential energy during its descent inside the gravity chamber of the machine. The HBOs descend three to four at a time, which increases the potential energy up to 1,980,000 Nm. During the descent, the gravitational potential energy of the HBOs is transferred to a chain ladder assembly and converted to kinetic energy that rotates gears attached to twelve 5-MW generators, producing 60 MW of electricity.

For perspective, one BuoGra apparatus occupying a projected footprint of 25 feet by 65 feet has the capability to provide electricity for 480,000 to 600,000 homes. Twenty two BuoGra apparatuses within the size of a football field (300 feet by 160 feet) can produce a total of 1,320 MW of electricity that will power 1,056,000 to 1,320,000 homes. 
The best part is that the BuoGra apparatuses can easily be built near current power plants and use existing grid infrastructure to distribute the energy generated. The major components of the BuoGra apparatuses can conveniently be produced in a manufacturing plant and transported to deployment locations with standard transportation carriers, then assembled on site.
BuoGra’s compact system in conjunction with its ease of integration within any energy grid makes it a very disruptive technology with massive potential to capture market share. More research and development is needed to produce working models that can be tested and refined for mass production. This is where our partners and sponsors play a vital role in helping realize the dream of sustainable energy and independence. Now is the time to get involved and help us further the renewable energy movement.

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